Intro to Salto's editor

Hi! 👋 Thanks for stopping by.

Let me walk you through several of the main features of Salto's editor. Salto gives you the power to write Markdown as well as JSX syntax from the browser.

Basic Markdown Examples

  • bold text

  • italicized text

  • Strikethrough

  • Marked text
  • Links:


  • to do
  • done

Learn more at markdownguide

Syntax Highlighting

Salto also supports beautiful syntax highlighters for different programming languages

// javascript example console.log("Hello, world!")
# python example def say_hi(): print("Hello, world!") say_hi() # "Hello, world!"

ChakraUI components

One of the coolest things about Salto is that it all ChakraUI components are loaded for you to use.


Custom Components

And in case you want to write your own components we have you covered! Add custom JSX into yout blog posts.

This is JSX inside Markdown

This code made the upper banner possible.

<div style={{ padding: "10px", backgroundColor: "orange" }}> <h3>This is JSX inside Markdown</h3> </div>

Thanks for checking out Salto.

Create an account and give Salto a try! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.