Writing Interactive Blog Posts from the Browser

Santiago Víquez

Jun 30, 2021

Over the last couple of months, I have been having fun learning about MDX which it describes itself as "Markdown for the component era".

MDX is amazing but to be able to start exploiting its capabilities you first need to spend weeks designing and building your own blog. Configuring the MDX component's styles, syntax highlighters, SEO, and a lot of troubleshooting.

There is no easy way to start an MDX-powered blog, until now!

Introducing Salto

This is why I'm building Salto, a tool that let you write MDX syntax (Markdown + JSX) directly from the browser and publish it as a blog post with 1-click!

Current Salto's main features are:

  • Pre-built Components
  • Custom React Components
  • Language-based Syntax Highlighting
  • Custom Domains

Pre-built Components

Imagine adding react components to one of your blog posts, well here you can! Take advantage of all the Chakra-UI components, because they are fully supported!


Custom Components

And in case you want to write your own components we have you covered! Add custom JSX into yout blog posts.

This is JSX inside Markdown

This code made the upper banner possible.

<div style={{ padding: "10px", backgroundColor: "orange" }}> <h3>This is JSX inside Markdown</h3> </div>

Syntax Highlighting

Ditch your Medium blog with boring gray code snippets. We provide beautiful code snippets with 0 setup required.

// program to add two numbers using a function // declaring a function function add(a, b) { console.log(a + b); } // calling functions add(3,4); add(2,9);

Custom domains

Don’t get trapped inside a platform. Publish your content to a custom domain.

Salto is the next level of interactivity that your blog needs. If you want to give Salto a try leave us your email and we'll notify you when it's ready.

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